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Tel Aviv


Peak State camp

Athletic Development Camp


In July 2017, after years of working with elite basketball players throughout Israel, Peak State Performance launched its inaugural athletic development camp for basketball players looking to optimize their off season.


Throughout all of July & August, players of all levels and backgrounds participated in strength, conditioning and athletic training sessions four times a week, mastering simulative movements to improve on-court performance. Across the board, players experienced huge gains in strength, agility & explosivity, while also learning the focus and commitment necessary to play at the highest level.

The main focus of PSP trainers when working with elite, professional-level athletes is to introduce them to the correct methods and training techniques that will strengthen, stabilize and elongate their careers. Unfortunately, so many trainers in Israel are promoting unsafe practices, and in 4-8 weeks, players often reverse years worth of damage and destructive methods.


Peak State hosts several sessions each day, so group sizes stay small and each camper receives the individual attention they need to refine their skills.  As players learn, they are given constant feedback and encouragement. The environment is competitive and supportive, driving each player to achieve their personal best.

The camp is expanding to include other sports and additional sessions. Please contact for participant information and follow our social channels on Facebook and Instagram for real time updates.