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Jason Blankfield

Sacrifice is the act of giving something up for the sake of something else that is more important or worthy to you.

Over the past few years I have met with many highly successful and influential people and it is clear that there are noticeable patterns in their character traits and behaviour.

The main trait all these people have in common is that they have made extraordinary sacrifices to get to where they are today. Whether it be sacrificing entertainment, time, money, opportunities, friends, potential relationships, jobs or education - the sacrifices were still made.

If people did not make sacrifices then it could be argued that it would be a sacrifice of their true talents and abilities. "If you do not sacrifice for what you want then what you want will become the sacrifice”.

Those of you involved in Peak State Performance know that to get to an elite status in sport, work and in general day-day living sacrifices have to be made. It seems to be a natural progression that the higher level you want to reach the more you will have to sacrifice.

To truly realise your potential you will have to give up certain comforts and certainties you have become accustomed to. Hard work, long term goals and dedication are key to success.

So here at PSP we ask you - What have you sacrificed recently to make a positive change to your career or life? What sacrifices could be made to help you get to where you want to be.

* * *