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Peak State Performance Full Body Training


Peak State Performance Full Body Training

Jason Blankfield

PSP is going old school! By going back to more traditional compound movements, PSP is specifically training the larger muscle groups with high complexity (stimulating the central nervous system CNS). PSP has already been affectively able to increase strength, power, speed, agility and most importantly, prevent injuries. We are able to categorize these movements in 8 parts:

מתורגם לעברית בהמשך הדף 

1) Explosive
2) Lower body push – (Squat)  
3) Lower body pull – (Dead-lift) 
4) Horizontal push – (Bench Press)
5) Horizontal pull – (Row) 
6) Vertical push – (Shoulder Press)
7) Vertical pull – (Weighted Pull-ups) 
8) Core - 

When all of these categories are implemented into a correct training program, which includes – correct work:rest ratios, progression, intent, maximal effort, mental preparation and correct physical preparations you will see the results you are looking for. These primal movements are essential to improving performance. Here at Peak State Performance we believe in training hard, training for an outcome, progression and using scientifically based research.

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