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What IF?


What IF?

Jason Blankfield

What If?

One of the most prevalent things I hear or have expressed to me during the day, starts with the words... What if..?? What if... I won’t perform at my best during the competition? What if… I won’t be fast enough, strong enough, powerful enough? What if… I can’t lose the weight or gain the weight I am working towards. One of the most amazing things is that most of the time, if you have a question that is negatively geared you will tend to find the answer will also be negatively geared!

This is where Peak State Performance specializes in teaching people to ask the right questions. If we change that ... what if?.... from a negative question to a positive one, it is pretty incredible to see the changes in performance, results and stress levels. At the end of the day the brain dictates what the body can achieve, so if we have control over our thoughts, the body should follow suit. 

What if you can perform? Have you done it in the past? How did you feel whilst you were in that “moment”? Can you replicate those feelings (mentally and physiologically)? What can you improve to get back to that state? What are your strengths? 

When you start to as yourself the "right" questions you will begin to see the individual not only change mentally but you’ll see it in their physiology too.

When you ask yourself positively geared question it seems natural that you will get positively geared answers and it in turn HAS to show in your performance.

* * *