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Front Squat:


Front Squat:

Jason Blankfield

Here at Peak State Performance we focus on proper technique before we load the trainee / athlete with weight. PSP uses complex movements, which engages large muscle groups and challenges the CNS to increase maximal performance.

Below are a few general tips for the front squat. These tips are critical in making sure that the movement is done correctly and that it produces the greatest benefit for the trainee.

1) Barbell is grasped with an overhand grip and rests comfortably on the upper chest and front shoulder muscles.

2) Elbows should be facing straight to the sky to allow for a "big" chest and a straight back.

3) Stand shoulder width apart with knees slightly bent and muscles of the stomach completely engaged.

4) Take a deep breath in and with a controlled movement begin the squat descent to parallel.

5) Make sure the core is completely engaged, the chest is up, and the back is flat. Make sure you maintain an upright position and DO NOT tuck your butt under once hitting parallel depth.

6) Once reaching parallel, explode up in a controlled manner and return to the normal position to prepare for the next rep.

7) At the top, exhale.


* * *