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I Tried:


I Tried:

Jason Blankfield

"I tried"

One of the most over used sentences in the human language. If you are a culprit for using this sentence the time has come to take responsibility and hold yourself accountable. There is no such thing as "trying". You either do or you do not. Telling yourself that you 'tried' is a way of telling yourself that you gave it a go and it didn't quite work out as planned but at least you attempted it.

If you are wanting to get a certain result, telling yourself you tried essentially means that you are not committing. Take responsibility and massive action.

It is time to quit trying and just do it! Here are a few pointers to help you get the results you want;

1 - Eliminate the word TRY from your vocabulary. It does not do you any justice and it a vague way of making you feel better when you fail. Remember, the words we use affect the way we feel and in turn affects the state we are in.

2 - Either do it or do not do it! There is no middle ground. Taking the "trying" method will not help you achieve the exceptional results you deserve. If you attempt anything in life give it your all and if you do not succeed learn the lessons and move forward.

3 - Take massive action - people know this but do not practice it. If you want results in any part of your life you have to take massive action. Be resourceful and use all your resources to your advantage. If you want radical changes to your body, mind or life it is prudent you take MASSIVE ACTION.

Always remember, you have greatness within you.


* * *