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Jason Blankfield

After recently suffering from a serious ankle injury I learnt many lessons about why it is so critical to look after yourself. As an athlete and active person, picking up an injury is unfortunate and in my case, an unlucky part of the “job”. Here are a few tips about how I overcame not only the physical but also mental obstacles I faced over the past few weeks:

1) Check-ups – No matter how long or how frustrating it may be, extensive checks are crucial to better understand the type and extent of the injury, bettering your approach to healing.

2) Rest – It is vital to listen to your body. As much as we want to start moving and return to our sport, job, or recreation, rest is a crucial element in making a comeback from an injury. Being disciplined on proper nutrition and sleeping habits are key elements for recovery.

3) Mental conditioning – The minute I finally ACCEPTED that I was injured; that I had to rest and that I would have to start the rehabilitation process was when I felt my recovery process begin. Understanding how to control your state, thoughts, emotions,and mindset is the true start of your recovery.

4) Rehabilitation – The stage of getting professional help from a physiotherapist, chiropractor or your prefered choice of practitioner. Again, discipline and on-going treatments are key and must remain a priority even once you start feeling better in order to prevent any types of setbacks.

5) Return – To begin the process of returning to 100% functionality and then to get stronger, faster, fitter and mentally tougher than you were previous to the injury (Peak State Performance specializes in this).

When you are injured or going through the rehabilitation process,you need to stay positive. It is an exciting opportunity to start fresh and shape the body to be stronger than it was previously. Peak State Performance specializes in the return from injury. With years of experience and scientifically based research, PSP has devised rehabilitation plans for all different types of injuries (especially ACL, shoulder and hamstring). Simply completing your physiotherapy plan and going back to your previous rituals is not enough. You need a structured training program that will get you not only back to where you were, but stronger and better than ever…

* * *