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Where Focus Goes – Energy Flows…..


Where Focus Goes – Energy Flows…..

Jason Blankfield

If we want to achieve exceptional results in our lives it is essential to be mindful of what we focus on. We will need a new way of thinking and we have to concentrate on the results we are looking to achieve and not the challenges or the process. For example: Emma and Terry both set their alarms for 5am so they could go to train before work. The alarms went off and Emma was complaining that it was too cold outside, she was tired and hungry and therefore didn't go train. Terry on the other hand, when her alarm went off, she jumped out of bed and went straight to the gym for a workout. The difference between them is that Emma was concentrating on the process and Terry was focusing on the results. The process of any task is generally a challenge but if you can focus on the results and the feeling you will have after the completion of each task it becomes far easier.

Whatever we focus on we move towards and attract into our lives. If we focus on the fact that we are overweight, science shows that we then create a biochemical reaction in our body which makes it harder to lose weight. Whatever you focus on you will feel and experience at a stronger level. If you focus on why you can't lose weight, why you have issues or why you can't get fit, you will constantly come up with a long list of reasons to support these questions and they will all be negative and work against you. If you focus on the results or the outcomes of how to lose this weight, you will automatically find solutions to all the challenges you are facing. Our brains are like computers, if you ask it a question it will give you an answer. So be sure to ask yourself the right questions.

Finally, focus on the results you are committed to and you will find yourself moving towards the results you are after and usually in a much shorter period of time than you planned.


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