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Corporate programs

Corporate Health & Wellness

As human beings, we must move! Nothing is worse for the mind or the body than staying stagnant. People who work long hours behind a desk in high pressure positions are more likely to suffer from physical pain, and less likely to find the time to address it. That’s why, in 2017, Peak State Performance has decided to shift its main area of focus to Corporate Wellness, partnering with large-scale corporations throughout Israel to bring Peak State’s elite brand of services straight to the people who need it most.

Peak State runs weekly on-site training sessions at corporate headquarters throughout the country. These sessions are developed by PSP’s international team of experts to address the specific physical needs of office workers and increase concentration, energy, confidence and overall vitality!

Packages start with basic, bi-weekly training sessions and can be expanded to include themed seminars, workshops, and nutritional guidance as well.  As a result, participants feel improved energy, increased productivity, decreased negative stress, and a greater sense of community & cohesiveness.

There is no better investment a company can make than in the health & welfare of its employees, and we have the stats to back it up1

From the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism:

  • Employees participating in wellness programs take 70% fewer sick days

  • Workplaces with wellness programs save 26% in medical costs and 28% in sick leave

  • 55% of employees are likely to accept a job with lower pay, if offered better benefits

  • 36% say better benefits packages would encourage them to keep their current jobs


Interested in bringing Peak State Performance’s Corporate Wellness Program to your workplace?  

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