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Young Olim in Israel: Success Stories

Jason Blankfield

Photo Credit: Martina Bialek

Photo Credit: Martina Bialek

Peak State Performance CEO Jason Blankfield features in the 9th February 2017 edition of the Jerusalem Post.

In an article focusing on young immigrants to Israel, who have achieved success in the business environment, Martina Bialek writes:

Jason’s approach to health and fitness is a holistic one; he believes that ‘peak performance’ is far more than exercise and nutrition. It entails consistency and synchronicity of the mind, body and environment. Once this is accomplished, only then can one achieve the results one desires'. 'We are teaching kids the importance of having a mentor, to educate themselves and be surrounded by people that will make them grow and be better at what they do’. Jason also stressed that ‘We want our clients to open up their minds to understanding and believing that this is both a mental and physical effort and both aspects need to be in sync’.

Read the full article online here.