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Tel Aviv


Public Speaking


With PSP founder Jason Blankfield

PSP founder and ex-IDF special forces soldier Jason Blankfield is not your average personal trainer.

His method is simple - he understands that peak performance can only be achieved when the mind and body cooperate harmoniously. Not only is he dedicated to improving his clients' physical fitness, but he also recognizes the importance of a positive mental approach to training. 

Jason's nuanced approach is inherent in PSP's public speaking seminars, which teach you how to optimize performance by examining elements of psychology, and how our thinking can affect our training.

Our seminars offer a specialized mix of special forces knowledge, training and other practical tips for a happier, healthier and fitter life. We teach you to be grateful for what you have, whilst also empowering you to reach your goals. 

We discuss optimal thinking strategies, goal-setting, and interpersonal communication. Jason has extensive experience coaching elite athletes, but his mental training programs can be tailored to any individual's specific needs. 

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