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 © 2017 Peak State Performance

 © 2017 Peak State Performance


Jason founded Peak State Performance in 2016. He hails from Perth, Western Australia, and has a degree in Sports Science (with a major in Exercise and Health) from the University of Western Australia (UWA).

In 2016, Jason received his Masters accreditation as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner from SRI University in the United States.

In 2010, Jason moved to Israel to complete his service in the special forces regiment of the Israel Defense Force (IDF). 

Jason has had extensive experience coaching top-level athletes and the general population alike.   He specializes in rehabilitation, and those looking for that extra mental push to reach their highest capabilities.  

By working with the physical and mental aspects of training, Jason has been able to contribute his ongoing expertise to professional sport teams, leading rehabilitation centers, private clients and businesses. He is quickly becoming a reputable public speaker, and is passionate about motivating his audiences to achieve their highest athletic potential. 

Jason is currently collaborating with the following organisations:

  • Israeli Nation Basketball Association 
  • Masa Leadership Academy
  • Medix Rehabilitation Centre
  • Hapoel Tel Aviv Basketball Organisation 
  • ITP Tennis Academy - Tel Aviv
  • The Jewish Agency

 © 2017 Peak State Performance

 © 2017 Peak State Performance


Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia in the USA, Menachem graduated with a degree in Exercise Science (with a specialization in coaching) from the University of Pittsburgh. He has been coaching since 2000, and is a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certified strength & conditioning specialist, USA triathlon certified coach, and a USA cycling-expert level coach. He has trained athletes around the world, helping them attain previously unimagined levels of fitness and strength.

His coaching experience also includes:

  • 8 years as a basketball coach (high school level);
  • 3 and a half years working for an National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) top 25 men's basketball program; and
  • 8 years coaching endurance sports - specifically for clients competing in cycling and triathlon events.

Menachem moved to Israel in 2012, with the goal of providing a higher level of knowledge, experience, and coaching to athletes in Israel seeking to optimize their technical expertise and overall fitness. 

He believes Peak State Performance offers a fantastic combination of industry experience and expertise that will have a huge positive impact on Israeli athletes, and raise the standards for all coaches and platforms across the country. 

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