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Tel Aviv




Jason Blankfield

I first came to see Jason in the summer of 2015 through a friend. I was finally fed up on relying on youtube videos and other people's radical opinions on how I could better prepare myself for improvement as well as against injury as a combat athlete.

The very first meeting we had was extremely professional, where Jason sat me down and told me about the mission of PSP – which was a very educated and individual approach for each client. He then went over my goals, obstacles and executive plan. We were determined to achieve a proper body building and injury prevention program so that I could ultimately be selected to a highly successful and selective combat organisation. From that moment I was sold on PSP. I knew Jason was different in that both he and his staff all have degrees in Health and or Science/Physiology. Week by week, the ideas turned into realities. We surpassed our expectations; physically and mentally and I skyrocketed.

I am elated to say that I ended up exactly where I wanted to be.  I am now literally living my dream!!! I know for sure that it would not have been possible without the effort of the spectacularly unique PSP program. I highly recommend any serious, motivated athletes to PSP, and I promise you, with the right attitude, Jason and his team will get you results you are after! Thanks Jason!